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  PANAM is by far the most comprehensive online school of traditional and indigenous medicines. Further, it complements with courses on the ancient wisdom from sacred texts. Certainly, this can be overwhelming even to a learned medical doctor. However, if one were to identify common core aspects, the learning curve would be dramatically reduced. And such it is...

To learn subjects of vast magnitude, one must objectify a scheme for a learning, a balanced and rational approach is in order. Like all subjects, we begin with the general outline, then venture onto specifics.

Generally, there are two great traditions of knowledge running throughout human history:
1. the exoteric tradition – that of mainstream education, sciences, and history; and
2. the esoteric tradition – that of visionary science and spirituality that has profoundly shaped human consciousness from great writers, inventors, artists, and philosophers.

Just as the brain has two hemispheres with logical processing happening in the left hemisphere while the right hemisphere devoted to emotional, intuitive, and artistic thinking; thus we have two approaches to knowledge: analytic and intuitive; objective and subjective. The two brain hemispheres are just one example of nature’s duality, which is reaching manifestation as one balanced whole. This “whole” consists of opposite characteristics that, in nature, strive towards unity. Thus, the best knowledge base for human thinking would be a balanced synthesis of exoteric and esoteric learning.


The Exoteric Perspective

The "Exoteric perspective" in this context refers to the outer or everyday consciousness, as in applied sciences. Exoteric refers to knowledge that is outside, and independent from, a person's experience and can be ascertained and resonably verified by anyone. In this respect, it is related to common sense.

The most practiced exoteric perspective is Science. Science uses hypothesis, experiment, and validation to arrive at an understanding of Physical Reality that, while never absolutely exact, it provide us with predictability and a greater insight into external physical realities. These include the hard sciences of chemistry and physics, and related soft sciences like psychology, sociology, anthropology, or political science.

The Esoteric Perspective

The "Esoteric perspective” refers to insight, inner (Greek: eso-), or spiritual understanding of realities, as in philosophy. This branch of knowledge has been a specific teaching or spiritual practice, path or "wisdom tradition" based on an interpretation of spirituality. Classically, esotericism is applied to the writings of Aristotle, later to doctrines of Pythagoras, then to Biblical scriptures, and later to writings found in Judaism, Islam, and Christianity; then recently groups like Rosicurcianism, Theosophy, Anthroposophy, and New Thought movements. Esotericism is also found in eastern traditions.

The ‘esoteric’ stream of knowledge relates to traditions including Mystic Christianity, Buddhism, Zen Buddhism, Hinduism, Taoism, Sufism, Yoga, Gnosticism, Hermeticism, Kabbalistic traditions, Ancient Greek traditions, Ancient Egyptian traditions, Celtic traditions, Native and Indigenous traditions from the world over, Theosophy, Shamanic traditions, various art and literary forms, and many more.

In PanAm we explore all aspects of science and philosophy through the writings and concept of the the ageless wisdom. This philosophy views each pathway as sharing holistic, metaphysical truths or origins from which all esoteric and exoteric knowledge and doctrine has grown.

Of course, the problem of expressing truth is ageless. Throughout the millennia people have tried to translate and write down these inexpressible truths into doctrines, sacred texts and books. Each person or group have reached their own perspective and as time went on these groups began to isolate into schools or movements. Some groups persisted, many waned, and some forgotten. The point is, each have made their contributions.

Science in its reductive sentiment tends to deny the universal human experience, that life has a defined meaning. Modern science tends to enforce a narrow, reductive view of our consciousness and spirituality. Religion today is failing to provide a unitary synthesis in the wake of disruptive technologies, leaving so many confused or in want of answers. PanAm attempts to shed modern light on the most important concepts and to show the implications where these concepts apply, especially in medicine.

Is there a Core or Fundamental to both Exoteric and Esoteric Approaches?

The query must be asked, if one is to receive an answer.
In our case, the good news is YES, there is one pivotal basis from which both approaches become understandable: Aether.

The Aether is the essence medium of consciousness from which all arises, found in both Eastern and Western traditions, as well as in science. It is the invisible substructure that underpins the universe and the dynamic space medium that permeates all space. It is the Source of all Reality. It is esoteric chemistry 101, what could be called alchemy, the father of modern chemistry.

This ‘Aetheric dimension’ is absolutely necessary to understand and account for the unity in the great multitude of different inorganic and organic physical forms. Today’s wireless world makes it vital for one to understand this luminiferous aether and how it interacts with matter. Equally, aetheric physicas accounts for similarity of structure (geometric patterns) in the different scales of physical reality from the subquantum up to the electromagnetic spectrum, to DNA and biology, and even to the galactic cluster and every scale in between. It is the chemistry behind the metaphysics. It is the fundament of all known manifestations.

Without this background understanding of Aether or Source reality, it would be impossible to see this similarity of structure to continue to show up in all such varied things as the structure of subatomic particle interactions, atoms, molecules, gas, liquids and solids, minerals, crystals, plants and microbes, insects, animals, human bodies, planets, suns and galaxies. The Sea of Aether underlies all manifestations, both physical and metaphysical, phenomenal and parapsychological, guest and host, organic and inorganic, etc.

So what is the Aether?

We all agree “ponderable matter” is composed of atoms, which in turn makes molecules, objects which we can witness, having mass. The atom is considered indivisible, composed of subparticles - protons, neutrons, and electrons. Yet we know the atom is mostly a void of space or hollow. Electromagnetic waves like X-rays, and magnetic fields, generally pass through matter. The aether consists of a sea of subtle particles, that carry these waves. In fact, all physical bodies are 'saturated' and float within a sea or plenum of aetheric particles to the point of giving it weight and mass. When aether interacts with mass, the result is electromagnetic radiation, we call light and heat.

Aether units are thus subquantum particles. This means they are unimaginably small! Ether is not "radiation" or an "energy source", but rather particles ("matter") which carry momentum, magnetism, electricity, or electromagnetic force, and which can be manipulated artificially by man or by nature to materialize or transmute any form of matter. It is important to understand that the Sea of Aether is not to be considered as separate from other matter but as the substrate within matter which all particles are formed and through which physical forces are mediated. The physical forces we witness are electromagnetic waves, light, heat, etc. as well as the effects of gravity - weight and mass. Aether particles underlie all manifestations on our physical plane of being and includes so-called paranormal phenomena as we explain in our courses.

“Aether is the basic substratum of all space; aether is the raw essence of the Universe. Aether permeates the innermost recesses of all matter. Without it the universe is contrary to nature, contrary to reason and common sense. Without it the universe is utterly absurd.” [Ranzan, Conrad, The History of the Aether Theory, http://www.cellularuniverse.org/AA3AetherHistory.htm, 2008]

How Does this apply to Medicine?

As the nature of light and magnetism was explored in the 19th century, the mathematical properties required of an aether theory for armchair academics became increasingly contradictory. Meanwhile practical inventors like Thomas Edison, Marconi, and Nicola Tesla were redifining civilization with such inventions as commerical electricity, the phonograph, telegraph, etc. working fine with aether theory.

Equally, Hahnemann’s homeopathic medicine, Mesmer’s sonambulism, Puysegur’s magnetism, Kardec’s spiritism, Buchanan’s psychometry, Abram’s radionics, etc. were challenging radically the concept of “medicine”, drugs, questioning not only their well-known toxic properties but also even their need and utility.

By the 20th century, the existence of the aether was being questioned now by the corporate world, so there was a dire need to replace it.

Vitalism was underscored by aether theory. It is (and was) the common belief that "living organisms are fundamentally different from non-living entities because they contain some non-physical element or are governed by different principles than are inanimate things". Vitalism explicitly invokes the aether principle, that element is often referred to as the “life force,” "vital spark", "energy" or "élan vital", which was equated with the principle of healing. In the 18th and 19th centuries vitalism was discussed among not only biologists, but underscored the principles of homeopathy, chiropractic, hygienics, naturopathy, eclectic medicine, reflexology, and so many other disiplines of the times.

Avid researchers like Harold Saxton Burr, Frederick Koch, Wilhelm Reich, and so many others, felt that the known mechanics of physics and chemistry would eventually explain the difference between life and non-life, and the vitalists who argued that the processes of life could not be reduced to a mechanistic process. Some vitalist biologists proposed testable hypotheses that meant to show inadequacies with mechanistic explanations, but these experiments failed to provide mainstream support for vitalism, now being suppressed by establishment academia. Mainstream science now professes vitalism in this sense to have been refuted by empirical evidence, and hence regard it as a superseded “pseudo-scientific” theory.

The Pendulum Swings

Like all fads, zealots, and extremisms, a more balanced view ultimately emerges. The failure of modern medicine to account for spontaneous remissions and to find a cure for the common cold and cancer, has fostered a huge interest and following in the “energy medicines” like acupuncture, homeopathy, and drugless therapies. In turn, the more esoterically inclined scientists have not stopped in their mission to validate the ancient methods.

Vitalism has a long history in medical philosophies: many traditional healing practices posited that disease results from some imbalance in vital forces. In fact, we are the only school presenting a comprehensive and historically valid theme and claim that the world has experienced three great medical traditions:

1. Shamanism (supernatural/spiritual);

2. Humoral medicines (elemental/aetheric);

3. Atomic (Biochemic, Modern Medicine)

Prior to the advent of modern medicine, all medical systems of import, accepted the philosophy of the ancients and adopted a vitalistic view of nature's processes. Aether theory was called Luminiferous aether, Aetherology, Aetherium, Vitalogy, The fundamental particles of this period were being placed on the Table of Elements, a tabular display of the chemical elements, which are arranged by atomic number, electron configuration, and recurring chemical properties. Astute physicists referred to this as 'ponderable matter', a product of condensed aether. These physicists postulated the existence of a subtle medium which permeates all space. They called it the aether. (ether).

The process of casting new light (if you pardon the pun) on these topics makes mandatory the introduction of two entirely new concepts:

1. One of these is an insight into the nature of the sea of aether, the origin of all phenomena on planet Earth, and its fundamental particle - anu/omni; and

2. The other are the all important concepts of aether particles - the aetherions (soft electrons); the photons; the hard electrons known to science; protons; and neutrons.

Heretofore, science has recognized the existence of only four types of such particles - photons, hard electrons, neutrons, and protons. Aether is the basic substratum of all space and these particles. Aether is the raw essence of the Universe. Aether permeates the innermost recesses of all matter. Without it the universe is contrary to nature, contrary to reason and common sense. Without it the universe is utterly absurd.

All these ideas and particles will be employed throughout this Course to unravel the mysteries of the universe and lay solid foundation for a return of vitalistic medicine to its rightful place as a fully legitimate practice of healing.

"The processes by which Nature creates the fundamental particles which combine to form atomic matter and so our whole universe determine certain numerical factors which are precisely the same whenever and wherever measured. These are known as the fundamental dimensionless constants. They are merely numbers but yet those numbers are encoded expressions which tell us that Mother Nature has, for some special reason, determined a definite relationship between certain physical quantities". [HAROLD ASPDEN, 2003]

I have no doubt that, if you really read, study, and comprehend our Courses, it will change the way you see most all things. The human mind is easily hypnotized through the use of language (words) and symbols. That is what mainstream academia has been doing to the public now for over one hundred years. It has subjected the public to mass hypnosis.

Any serious, intelligent doctor of medicine interested in understanding the true nature of physics, biochemistry, energy healing, psychosomatic illness, gravity and a unified field theory of all Life, will have to conceive of the interrelated movements of the sea of aether, atoms, molecules, and celestial bodies throughout the universe, as an integrated system of perpetual planetary and celestial motions, with interlocking radiation, nuclear-gravitational energy, electric and magnetic currents, with their fields and effects as the complete expression as the force of God. It is a circuitous, eternal process, in which 'energy' can be neither created nor destroyed, only changed in forms and radiations. These forces continuously transmute in nature, whether or not humans use them to perform "work" or change. Perpetual motion and change is the universal rule and not the exception. All energy and matter is conserved in changing forms, exchanging forces, effects, or matter, "using nothing up", and equaling zero point radiation to maintain perpetual stability. Every second, every change, whether good or bad conceived within the human mind, is a perfect expression of God's manifestation.

Time is a concept describing the rate at which events in the universe occur in a linear tract. 'Objective reality', in the purely physical sense, consists primarily of human sensory detection of electric-magnetic forces on ultra fine particles, which in turn, compose all atomic mass. Only the mind time tracks the movement of these forces, from moment to moment, which the brain records its illusion of a linear sequence, leaving a ghost called 'memory.'

Neither energy nor time exist, since these are only fictions or concepts we have created, to measure, calculate or predict certain functions and reactions in and between space, matter, light, "zero-point radiation", "zero-point ultra fine matter", and cruder "atomic matter" - which is only a concentrated assemblage of the latter.

What will be revealed in our courses is the natural interplay between fundamental positive and negative electrical charges in elementary (physical) matter, the existence of a universal sea of aether, the permeation of space by its omnidirectionally interpenetrating Zero Point Radiation ("ZPR", or Tesla (scalar) radiation, aka the breath of God), the natural electromagnetic fields and enormous electrostatic forces emanating from the earth, along with the man made electromagnetic fields, which affect the aether through which it moves.

The study and research of a cosmos devoid of its essential ingredient, aether, is pointless and unproductive. Cosmology without the aether concept is a dead-end endeavor. A review of the history of aether reveals that “ether” is repeatedly being rediscovered up to this day; as if its previous discovery has been forgotten, again and again. "The definition of stupidity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results."


The torus shape today plays an extremely important role in understanding the new scientific paradigm.  Remember, the center of the torus is the entrance/exit point between the physical visible reality of space/time and the invisible metaphysical reality of time/space.  The torus is what allows the consciousness/matter feedback system to function.

These entrance/exit points of aether are located at every point in time and space. In this regards, there are only two simple dynamics in which to understand aether as stated by Tesla: all matter and energy is composed of electrostatic and magnetic forces.

For the purposes of our study I use the British, old school, physic's term “Aether”. Its understanding I posit will be the fundament of future medicine and religion. For the first time in the history of this civilization, the seemingly impossible has been achieved. The physical sciences, the esoteric, metaphysics, and even philosophy have all been combined into a unified whole with no sharp lines separating them. This makes possible a far deeper insight into each of these subjects than was available before. Such a presentation renders this School unique among all the others. As such, it has no equal.


The History of Aether Theory