St. Kitts Nevis 2020


Pre-qualification, online courses for a special class.

Prof. Charles is accepting potential new students in the Federation. We offer these four (4) pre-qualification, online courses, at a special academic fee:

1. Vitalism

2. Spectrum of Vitalistic Therapies

3. Spectrum of Hygienics & Noxacology

4. Spectrum of Vitalistic Psychology

Each online course is ~25 clock hours of study. Quizzes are taken online and completed returns are instantly graded.

Graduates of the block of 4 courses can then apply for special training with the 'doc' on Nevis.

Questions: call the clinic 469-9564

post a check $150 (US): payable to Charles McWilliams, POB 553, Charlestown, NEVIS

or paypal at this link (copy/paste into your browser)