Online Course Format


Welcome to PanAm, the world’s most comprehensive online school for natural medicines - indigenous, traditional, ‘alternative,’ nutritional, herbal, oriental, monastic, homeopathic, metaphysical, energetic, folk, and more. A Website available in 52 Languages with Google Translate.

We are an online post-graduate school for both natural medicine practitioners and medical doctors. 

We use the Moodle (Modular Object-Oriented Dynamic Learning Environment) learning platform, and statistics reveal that about 14 million users are engaged in 1.4 million courses propagated by this learning management system.  Without a major learning curve, our online learning platforms are easy and ideal for self-motivated students in higher education.

Moodle is our online learning platform designed to provide doctors, pracititioners, educators, and intellectuals with a robust, secure and integrated system to experience personalised learning environments.

All of PanAm’s courses have a similar, easy-to-learn format:
a) Core online written Lessons;
b) Audio and video Lecture links;
c) Self-evaluation Quizzes for autocompletion (realtime results); and
d) A site generated CERTIFICATE OF COMPLETION for each course (received immediately - suitable for framing).

Each course is all-inclusive, you generally do not need to purchase any outside books to successfully complete each course.
In addition, there are a plethora of Supplemental links to resource materials to enhance your learning experience.
Why read a book on a new topic, when you can enroll in PanAm and receive the BIG PICTURE, all inclusive.  AND, receive credit by a CERTIFICATE OF COMPLETION. AND, even build your way to a Diploma or Degree. All at a very lost cost. That is our mission.

The School is managed by the Sacred Medical Order, Church of Hope.