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Diploma in Natural Medicine

This Course Block has been called a 'traditional naturopath' study program.

It is essentially a one year study program, but the student is free to complete the courses at their own pace. We have had students complete these courses in a quick as three months.


As a natural course of study, the student may want to complete our Program on Dietetics first or the study can be parallel.


The courses listed below are in the recommended sequence of study:


We start the study with a fascination overview of


Man and our Systems of Cures (both ancient and modern)


Then, in the new sciences of Cell Health & Vitalology, this is foundational for the work of the traditional nature cure practitioner. Listen to this video link...


Cell Health I: Foundation of Natural Medicine Practices
Cell Health II: Impediments to Cell Health
Cell Energetics & Pathology III
Cell Health IV: Water & Mitrochondrial Energy


Following that foundation, we continue with the Basic Medical Sciences:


Man, Miracle & Bodily Systems (Anatomy & Physiology)

Man, Microbes and Maladies

Man, Viruses & Vicissitudes

Pregnancy & Childbearing

Vitalology (aka Healthology): An Audio Course

Natural Medicine Dolorology

Natural Medicine Diagnosis

Natural Medicine Bariatrics



Entry level is recommended as Novitate