Licentiate: Ecclesiastical (Monastic) Counseling

A series of short courses designed to complete educational requirements for entering deacons in the Church of Hope (SMOCH). Approximate time of completion is listed in clock hours.

1. Health Sovereignty and the Medicine of Hope (online - multi-language; and in paperback - english)[25 clock hours]
2. Vitalism (Vitalistic Therapeutics) (online) [10 clock hours]
3. Sanctified Healing [Natural Therapeutics] (online - multi-language; and in paperback - english) [25 clock hours]
4. Church Structure and Function (online) [10 clock hours]
5. Belief and Practice Issues for Healers & Clergy [10 clock hours]
6. Minister's Basic Counseling Skills (Pastors, Practitioners and Physicians are exempted from this course). [10 clock hours]

Textbooks for this Course

Completion of this Course of Study requires a Seminary scheduled at one of our Christenings in our affiliate Churches
Graduate is appointed as Monastic Counselor in the Church of Hope

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