In development for some time, the Grand Master of the Sacred Medical Order of the Knights of Hope, has constructed for its KNIGHT (Dame) members, a unique and refreshing doctorate course in Christian Military Orders and Crusader History.

This course of study is entirely a series of educational Documentary Videos culminating in 13 short audio lectures recently posted into public domain. Your prior attendance(s) to previous SMOKH investitures and diplomatic briefings constitutes your required field studies to immediately take advantage and complete timely this entirely unique and vital doctorate program.

Unique to 21st century memberships in chivalric Orders, SMOKH takes active roles and duties to promote the worldwide presence of Christian Knights and therefore advance this vital and necessary solemn appreciation of the historic role the Knights and Christian Military Orders took in shaping the modern world history including but not limited to the defense of Christendom and construction of the democratic institutions (1st Great Period), the discovery and advancement of the New World during the age of exploration (2nd Great Period), and the advancement of medical charity and discoveries constituting the Crusades for Health and Fitness (3rd Great Period) during the 19th and 20th centuries (3rd Great Period) pf Hospitaller history.

In general, the public has little knowledge of the great roles and many Christian Orders that took in shaping the world as we know it today. Admittedly, many members of today's chivalric Orders we surmize have not taken some hours of time to study and appreciate the rich and deep history of our Hospitaller movement. In part it represents a failure of secular academic institutions, but perhaps deeper a prejudice and social agenda now coming to light. For that, we advance this FREE course to active members. Your diploma will be issued by our registered religious College in the State of Florida, making you the first group of graduates of this blossoming institution, so duly registered.