The Therapeutae School is a modern Educational Ministry and continuation of an ancient religious order of mystical ascetics who lived in many parts of the ancient world but were found especially near Alexandria, the capital city of Ptolemaic Egypt. This pre-Christian group of Jewish ascetics is known today from the writings of Philo of Alexandria, who described the group in his De Vita Contemplativa (On the Contemplative Life), written around 10 C.E. Philo compared the Therapeutae (meaning "healers") and Therapeutrides [male and female] to the Essenes as both sects were known for their exemplary religious devotion and ascetic practices.

Their doctrines did not represent, however, the orthodox tradition of Judaism, but a departure from it in the form of teachings developed in Babylon, India, and Egypt. The Therapeutae were an Essene-like community living outside Alexandria, but their healing doctrines were reputed to be of the Chaldean Magi, and their mystery schools of the times. This lore is logical given their close proximity to Alexandria, then the world's repository of written knowledge, the most famous contribution being the Library at Alexandria. The Therapeutae would create later, different schools, the most important of which were Hermeticism, Neoplatonism, and Christian Gnosticism. Greek medicine played an important role in their healing practices. Some authors believe Jesus made contact with this community, which later would produce some of the leading philosophical scholars of early Christian Gnosticism. From historical tracings, we can understand that this religious sect were the first organized medical and religious order of Therapeuticians. A chronology of the historical developments of The Therapeutae of Antiquity can be found here.

By all accounts, formal medicine has long abandoned its call as "therapeuticians."

The Therapeutae School is
an online study resource to assist practitioners, pastors and physicians who exercise spiritual and therapeutic guidance over people. It leads to the study of a highly advanced therapeutics by synthesis of scientific, metaphysical and religious principles for use and practice of the healing arts in our modern age. This Therapeutic School of spiritual regeneration teaches pastors and practitioners how to activate one's latent psycho-physical and spiritual faculties, which leads to development of the Spiritual and Mental Bodies for ultra-dimensional participation in our present time-space continuum. The School thereby provides the individual new means of achieving transcendence from the lower dimensional, physical existence to one higher with more skill sets in various areas of therapeutic application. These studies assist one in the healing of others in their respective clinics, ministries and stations of life.

We are non-denominational in that we respect all spiritual beliefs that are Good. Our main purpose as a School is to help any and all who ask to find their spiritual truth, regardless of race, gender, background or other church affiliations. We believe in God, and respect the power of God's Healing and Prayer. We respect and take pity to those who do not believe in God, and respect those who get their answers through means other than prayer. We believe that all men and women should be given the opportunity to become useful servants of God, do meaningful work, to encourage and help others find their purpose and achieve a healthy life and self-image. We believe in and teach individual responsibility is the only avenue for spiritual growth.


Like all the laws of nature, the law of natural medicine is universal in its application; and, like all the others, it is simple and easily comprehended. What many practitioners fail to recognize is that there is an intelligence that controls the functions of the body in health, it follows that it is the same power or energy that fails in case of disease. Failing intelligence, with plunder into chaos, the body requires assistance; and that is what all therapeutic agencies aim to accomplish. No intelligent physician of any school claims to be able to do more than to “assist nature” to restore normal conditions of the body.

That there is a mental energy that requires assistance, no one denies; for science teaches us that the whole body is made up of a summation of intelligent systems - neural, endocrine, cardiovascular, etc. - each of which performs its functions with an intelligence exactly adapted to the performance of its special duties as a member of the whole. However, there is no life without mind, from the lowest unicellular organism up to man/woman. It is, therefore, a mental energy that actuates every cell and fiber of the body under all its conditions. That there is a central intelligence that controls each of these mindful organisms and systems is self-evident. That mind totality directs its proper agency which results in healing.

Whether, as the materialistic scientist insists, this central intelligence is merely the sum of all the cellular intelligences of the bodily organism, or is an independent entity, capable of sustaining a separate existence after the body perishes, is a question that minimally concerns us in the pursuance of the present inquiry of therapeutics. It is sufficient for us to know that such an innate intelligence exists, and that, for the time being, it is the controlling energy or agency of God that normally regulates the action of the myriad cells of which the body is composed.

It is then, a mental agency or soul that all righteous therapeutic agencies are designed to energize, and when, for any cause, it fails to perform its functions with reference to any part of the physical structure, disease is the outcome. It follows that mental therapeutic agencies of both physician and patient are the primary and normal means of energizing the organism. That is to say, mental agencies operate more directly than any other system upon a sick organism. Although physical agencies such as medicines and nutrition are by no means excluded, all experience of the ages shows that the physical organism responds best to mental stimuli.

All that can be realized in the enlightened physician is that in therapeutics, a mental stimulus is necessarily more direct and more positive in its effects, all other things being equal, than a physical stimulus alone can be, for the simple reason that it is intelligent on the one hand and tangible on the other. It must be self-evident that it is impossible to wholly to eliminate mental suggestion in the administration of material remedies. Extremists may claim that the whole effect of material remedies is due to the factor of mental suggestion; but this is not realistic. The most that can be claimed with any degree of certainty is that material remedies, when they are not in themselves positively injurious, are good and legitimate forms of stimuli, and, as such, are invested with a certain therapeutic potency, even as in the administration of the placebo. It is also certain that, whether the remedies are material or mental, they must, directly or indirectly, energize the mental organism in control of its bodily functions. Otherwise the therapeutic effects produced cannot be permanent. One may take a vitamin supplement as a temporary tonic and obtain energy, but it will generally not overpower a state of chronic mental depression.

It follows that the therapeutic value of all remedial agencies, material or mental, is proportioned to their respective powers to produce the effect of stimulating the subjective mind to a state of energized activity, and directing its energies into appropriate channels. We know that mental suggestion fills this requirement more directly and positively than any other known therapeutic agent; and this is all that needs to be done in many cases for the restoration of health outside of the domain of necessary surgery or trauma care. No power in the universe can do more to energize the mental organism than therapeutic suggestion which is the seat and source of restoring health within the body. The clinical value of therapeutic suggestion is well documented in the medical literatures. It can be administered by voice, presence or even human radiation. It is a psychological process by which an idea is induced in or adopted by another without argument, command, or coercion. This is a paramount duty of physician and pastor to cultivate and use this marvel of God. A miracle could do only more.


A minister is someone who is authorized by Therapeutae within the Church of Hope to perform functions such as teaching of beliefs or otherwise providing spiritual guidance to the community. The term is taken from Latin minister “servant, attendant”.

The Therapeutae has now joined the Sacred Medical Order • Church of Hope[LINK].

Theosophical (Religious) Studies

Vitalistic AnatomyThis course requires an enrolment key
Noxacology & MiasmologyThis course requires an enrolment key
Aether PhysicsThis course requires an enrolment key
Esoteric AnatomyThis course requires an enrolment keyInformation
AstroTheologyThis course requires an enrolment key
Signs and Symbols in Anointing of the Sick & InfirmedThis course requires an enrolment key
MENTALOLOGY: Psychology of Successful PracticeThis course requires an enrolment key
AstroTherapeutics II - STELLAR MEDICINEThis course requires an enrolment key
SANCTIFIED HEALINGThis course requires an enrolment keyInformation
Aesthetherapeutics™ [Aesthetherapeutician™]This course requires an enrolment keyInformation
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Astrotherapeutics™ I [Medical Astrology]This course requires an enrolment keyInformation
Chromotherapeutics [Chromotherapeutician™]This course requires an enrolment keyInformation
Electrotherapeutics [Electrotherapeutician™]This course requires an enrolment keyInformation
ESOTERIC HEALING TRADITIONS: A VITAL & CONCEPTUAL OVERVIEWThis course requires an enrolment keyInformation
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Homeotherapeutics [Homeotherapeutician™]This course requires an enrolment keyInformation
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V. THEOSOPHYThis course requires an enrolment keyInformation
VI. SCIENCE OF MIND [MENTAL HEALING]This course requires an enrolment keyInformation
Vibratherapeutics™ [Vibration therapy, Vibratherapeutician™]This course requires an enrolment keyInformation