We teach Natural Medicines, both ancient and modern. Our aim is to preserve the sacred knowledge not only academically, but also in practice by training people how to use this knowledge.
Vitalology™ is core branch of knowledge on health through specific wellness, lifestyle, nutrition, diet, energetics, and therapeutics. Its understanding is key to PanAm's educational/informational programs. Vitalology is the wellness art and lifestyle for the 21st century. All new and prospective students should start here...

Scanology is a neologism (newly coined word) used to describe the study of scanning technology in a variety of disciplines. In health, the term is describes the use of scanning technologies for habitable living conditions.

A Scanologist™ a specialist in the performance of scanning technologies for habitable living conditions. Scanners are innovative devices of the 21st century used for examining, reading, or monitoring something. There are machines that examine the body and environment through the use of chemical sensors, electromagnetic radiation, sound, ultrasound, or magnetism, as a detector or diagnostic aid. Scanners are usually electronic, used to measure or sample the distribution of some quantity or condition in a particular system, region, or area.

A Scanologist can either examine carefully or look at quickly but not in detail with suitable instrumentation. Scanologists are trained in both Tesla and classic electromagnetic theory. Nikola Tesla constantly wrote and spoke about what he called non-Hertzian waves. During his epochal residence in Colorado Springs in 1899, he made new discoveries about the nature of electromagnetic waves, known to some as stationary or longitudinal waves, to others as scalar waves.