A series of Courses leading to a Master's Degree in Herbal Medicines. Course work covers

1. Herbal Chemistry 25 clock hours
2. Herbalism: East & West 25 clock hours
3. Natural Medicine Diagnosis 25 clock hours
4. Medical Botany 50 clock hours
5. Pharmacognosy, 50 clock hours, and
6. Herbal Medical Philosophy. 50 clock hours
7. Herbal Medical Philosophy II. 50 clock hours

Fee: $500 (US) click link to enroll

The Essentials of Herbal Medicine both East and West is covered from a Western, scientific approach. The Master's Course includes extensive and valuable Materia Medicas ($95 value) as reference material for clinical practice.
Above courses are completed online which includes certificates of completion per course. No thesis is required for the Master's Certificate.

Herbal Simples: From primitive times the term "Herbal Simple" has been applied to any homely curative remedy consisting of one ingredient only, and that of a vegetable nature. Many such a native medicine found favour and success with our single-minded forefathers, this being the "reverent simplicity of ancienter times."

This course constitutes the eclectic approach to Herbalism, as it was practiced at the turn of the 20th century. What some would consider as outmoded, rather, it is this prime philosophy that allows one to freely prescribe having fundamental knowledge of plants, origins, and lore of hundreds of years of successful applications.