The internet now provides a gateway for practitioners to extend their help, aid, and assistance to anyone, anywhere in the world who speaks the same language. However, due to the electronic interface, communications skills must be effective.

Consider the following issues that entail effective counseling skills:
    The Complex Layers of Face-to-Face Talk
    The Social Context That Shapes Our Talk
    The Operations of the Cognitive Unconscious
    The Conscious Mind in Perception
    The Conscious Mind in Using Language
    The Conscious Mind and Emotion
    Our Sense of Self
    Self, Attachment, and Self-Esteem
    Protecting the Self in Face-to-Face Talk
    Conscious Self-Talk and Self-Management
    Challenges to Effective Communication
    Talking to Connect and Build Relationships
    Differences, Disagreement, and Control Talk
    Commands, Accusations, and Blame
    Healing Relationships with Dialogue Talk
    Focusing on the Others
    The Heart of Dialogue
    Assertive Dialogue to Manage Disagreement
    Compassionate Confrontation to Insure Compliance
    Communication, Gender, and Cultural Considerations
    Talking Our Way to Lasting Relationships
    Leadership, Appreciation, and Productivity
    Dialogue and Appreciation
    Dialogue with Ethical Choices behind Our Talk
    Cultural, Ethnic, and Religious Dietary

Basic Counseling Skills in this Course is where you can learn and use:


B. COUNSELING THEORIES and how to integrate these into




This Advanced Communication Skills Audio and Video Course has been designed to develop advanced communication techniques and strategies. The better your communication skills are the more you will achieve through the people you communicate with and the more successful your practice.

Communication goes far beyond the actual words you say. More importantly it is how you say them and the way that you act while you are saying them. It depends on the other persons view of the world and their preferred communication style, with regard to absorbing information and what you say. This will determine whether or not you are successful in communicating with them and achieving compliance with prescriptive directions, suggestions, and personal self-care. Effective communicators can elicit all of the action signals and communication strategies from a person they wish to communicate with and then adapt their style to ensure their communications with them are effective.

This Counseling Communication Skills Course is all about providing you with specialized communications skills to enable you to communicate effectively with anyone and at any level. This goes well beyond a beginner's guide to communication and focuses upon some of the most advanced communication techniques available. You will learn to understand how other people think and how they prefer to learn and, as a result, you will be able to tailor your communications to maximize your effectiveness.

With this Communication Skills Course you will be taught advanced communication skills enabling you to:

• Learn how to develop advanced communication strategies that will enable them to tune into the other person's view of the world
• Understand the preferred learning styles of others and how to use this when communicating with them
• Learn how to build a rapport with anyone at anytime
• Learn how others absorb information and thus understand the process they go through to make decisions and to communicate
• Develop verbal and non-verbal communication techniques
• Learn how to understand thinking patterns through eye movement

The SMOCH counselor helps people work through their current situation or illness. By guiding and facilitating the process, communicants learn wellness for the future. People are more likely to change their habits because they own the solution. They were not simply told what to do.

The counselor should work with people in such a way as to encourage personal discovery of the truth about their situation and personal responsibility in planning a solution to their problem or illness. In so doing, the counselor is a teacher, training people to develop a healthy life with management skills in any of the following areas:
• relational skills
• decision-making
• dealing with crisis
• conflict resolution
• communication skills
• thinking processes
• self-perception
• setting personal boundaries

The tools and explanations in this Course can assist anyone wishing to move their communication skills to the next level. This is your wakeup call!