Church of Hope

Ask ten people the definition of “church,” and you generally receive ten different opinions, not “definitions.” It has broadened as time has stamped its history, yes, a building for Christian worship is understood. But generally it means the company of all Christians regarded as a spiritual body, globally. And, equally and importantly, the “clerical profession”; and “Ecclesiastical power as distinguished from the secular: the separation of church and state”.

Germaine to health care today is written informed consent in the patient-doctor relationship. But this alone has been determined to not be sufficient for clergy–penitent or ecclesiastical privilege, a rule that protects state control or inquiry into communications and religious practices between clergy and members of their congregation. Counseling is a privileged communication between a church member and the minister, but in today’s world, only binding when specified in writing as an expressive association, i.e. church membership.

For the first several centuries of church history, membership was an ecclesial rather than a legal status. Today, this global picture of ministers, and people who affirm that leadership, assume the existence of “church membership” that consists in a corporate life of mutual accountability. Leadership and membership have no meaning where there is no commitment to accountability (that is, to membership). This is the only structure today that will clearly separate church activities from state regulations, in our private affairs which includes biblical health care, lifestyle and wellness.

Becoming a Church of Hope ministry (auxillary) as a Sanctified Healer™ consists of an educational program outlining Biblical, spiritual, and wellness principles and the scope of these ecclesiastical practices. Upon successful completion, the Sovereign Council issues our Certification before giving authorization and issuing a commission. Thereafter, all communicants patronizing a ministry join the Church as wellness communicants.

The Church of Hope is an international organization of Hospitallers with Diocese in Nevis, Puerto Rico, Florida, Brazil, Curaco, and Ecuador.  We are a Church of special (healing) ministry.

This course outlines our special Structure and Function, corporately and legally. 10 clock hours.