A short course on the development of Christianity.

Lesson 1: The Pythagoreans
Lesson 2: The Essenes
Lesson 3: The Therapeutae
Lesson 4: Gnostic Christianity vs. Literalist Christianity
Lesson 5: The One, Holy, Catholic, and Apostolic Church Today

We as Christian's having religious beliefs, if we take a serious study of the "Bible" which exposes contradictory facts from translations from the Biblical languages of English, Hebrew and Greek, we come to discover contradictory facts. We must also apply our common sense in light of unbiased Biblical histories, archeological findings, and comparative studies of highly contributory beliefs of the past like Gnosticism, Greek paganism, Egyptian Religion, and Astronomy, we must in the Spirit of Truth be flexible enough to have a change of view, that is, if "truth" is our goal. The only religion that God ever gave humankind is Truth! We must never forget that!