"Sovereignty is the KEY concept around which all political, economic and legal systems revolve". Until the Declaration of independence, the only Sovereigns were the Kings and the Pope. The first recourse the people had to the Sovereign authority was the Magna Carta in 1215. Sovereigns operate their commercial and business affairs through Trust structures. The Monarch (King and Queen) of England set up a Sovereign Trust out of which the British Empire came. All the Assetts and the Banks and the Parliaments were all subject to that Trust. When America was set up, the Citizen was Sovereign. After the atrocities of World War II, the nations of the world established the United Nations and the charter of the Declaration of Human Rights. In 2006, that was extended by the Declaration of Rights of Indigneous Peoples.

The people behind the scenes, controlling the power structures throughout the world, are themselves Sovereign. If they were not Sovereign with Diplomatic immunities they would be subject to all the same rules and regulations as the rest of the sheep people. There are different classes of Citizenship. What is the difference between a State Citizen, an American National or a Sui Juris Freeperson? The U.S. citizen did not exist until the 14th Amendment in 1868. Before that everyone was a citizen of one of the several independent States. The State Citizens held their land in Allodium (Free & clear), they did not need ‘title’ (entitlement) to their land granted by the ‘state’, and no one could take it away from them.

These people were KINGS in their own Castles. U.S. citizens did not have a right to a trial by jury until 1967. When you get a birth certificate you become property of the federal united states. You're ‘certificate of birth’ is re-issued as a ‘birth certifivate’ which is transfered to the bureau of census, and the Dept. of Commerce and you are enrolled as a beneficiary of the federal reserve system and you become obligated to the national debt. The Social Security Number, Driver\\\\\\\'s licenses, vehicle registration, marriage licences, incorporation papers, and business licenses are all adhesion contracts and each one gives up a little bit more or less of your rights. The Birth Certificates, Johnny Liberty claims were transferred by Jimmy Carter over to the Federal Reserve system as collateral for the national debt. These are just a few examples of how complicated lives have become when you separate yourself from God and ‘church,’ and enlist into the State.

This Course is written to introduce new and prospective members wishing to join this unique Sacred Medical Order – the Knights, Dames, Deacons, and Clergy of the Church of Hope. The Knights of Hope of this Church are the operating council of the Church of Hope.
This Sacred Medical Order offers you rights to health sovereignty within the Kingdom of Heaven as proclaimed by our Lord Jesus Christ to those who follow this path of wisdom and salvation and protectorate under the Church. Health sovereignty first begins with knowledge. SMOKH provides these teachings.

Health sovereignty is secondly protected through religious citizenship, which confers the sovereign rights afforded an individual through legal means to practice their form of worship, their form of culture, their vocation, and the general social equality afforded an individual based on one’s specific religious beliefs and practices. Basically, religious citizenship means that one is a full member of a community with certain rights and responsibilities. Health sovereignty is the exercise of the Church’s sovereign authority to protect and promote health - the physical, mental, and spiritual; and welfare. These rights are protected under international law, the Ten Commandments, the Magna Carta, the United Nations Universal Declaration of Human Rights and the Universal Declaration of Indigenous Rights.