This book is written to introduce new and prospective members wishing to join this unique Sacred Medical Order – the Knights, Dames, Deacons, and Clergy of the Church of Hope. The Knights of Hope of this Church are an independent Order, but are also affiliated under the United Grand Priories of the Knights of Saint Lazarus of Jerusalem, the largest Hospitaller organization in the world.

This Sacred Medical Order offers you rights to health sovereignty within the Kingdom of Heaven as proclaimed by our Lord Jesus Christ to those who follow this path of wisdom and salvation. Health sovereignty first begins with knowledge. SMOCH provides these teachings.

Health sovereignty is secondly protected through religious citizenship, which confers the sovereign rights afforded an individual through legal means to practice their form of worship, their form of culture, their vocation, and the general social equality afforded an individual based on one’s specific religious practices. Basically, religious citizenship means that one is a full member of a community with certain rights and responsibilities. Health sovereignty is the exercise of the Church’s sovereign authority to protect and promote health - the physical, mental, and spiritual; and provides health services to those of faith and morals. These rights are protected under international law, the United Nations Universal Declaration of Human Rights and the Universal Declaration of Indigenous Rights.