Pastoral Clinical Care (Audio Course)

This is the medieval management book, written by the Pope who set up the Catholic Church to survive the Dark Ages. It was written for bishops and read by huge numbers of European lay leaders as well as church ones. This is the book that King Alfred so wanted to spread around that he had it translated into English. This is a book in audio form that still has important lessons today.

The first part considers what sort of person you ought to have in charge and what sort not, as well as good and bad reasons for wanting to lead, preach and teach. It also warns of the bad side of being in charge.

The second part considers what sort of life should be led by someone in charge: the virtuous and humble kind.

The third part considers how to govern, discipline, and teach one's subordinates fairly and well. It includes thoughts on how to deal with different types of personalities.

The fourth part is about how the successful ruler must continually examine his life so as to govern, criticize and discipline himself or herself.

Artist/Composer: St. Gregory the Great. Born: c.540. Died: March 12, 604. Canonized: 604.