Medical Hydrology
(Medical Hydrology)

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Many physicians have concluded that there are essentially two kinds of water: water that produces disease
and water that prevents and cures disease. We all know that water harbors many kinds of infectious
organisms. But in this course, we look at two kinds of healing water, hydrogen based and alkaline based.

Actually most of the water that actually exist on the earth is
or was , in fact, nothing but dead for lifeless water. Thus, up until now, the human race
has had to depend on "water that produces disease." As a result, since the birth
of humankind, human beings have suffered from disease.

The water that furnishes life is rain water that has been electrified by lightning, and potable
water that creates water falls. From these signatures of nature, man has duplicated these natural
processes in the form of working electrolysis machines, and from elements of nature that charge
water life giving energy.

I would like you to check out delicious taste and wonderful qualities of Hydrogen
Rich Water as well as Alkaline Rich Water, the waters that prolong life and prevents
and cures disease.

This course requires an enrolment key