Many naturalist physicians have concluded that there are essentially two kinds of water: water that produces disease  and water that prevents and cures disease. We all know that water harbors many kinds of infectious organisms and toxins like lead and arsenic. But in this course, we look at all kinds of healing waters - hydrogen based and alkaline based; curative, and others.

Actually most of the potable water that actually exist on the earth is, in fact, nothing but dead or lifeless water. Most potable water has many added toxins like fluoride and chlorine gas; and odd proteins from recycled sewage. Thus, up until now, the human race has had to depend on "water that produces disease." The first state was simple dehydration, that results in chronic tissue acidosis and systems stress, but secondary consumption of potable water that was mildly to strongly toxic compounds the terrain. As a result, since the birth of humankind, human beings have suffered from disease and ignorance of waters many virtues.

The water that furnishes life is rain water that has been electrified by lightning, and the potable water that creates it by falling to earth. From these signatures of nature, man has duplicated these natural processes in the form of working electrolysis machines, water ozonators, filtering, and from elements of nature that charge  water to life giving energy.

Another form of healing water was that earth-bound that flowed from streams and even landing over rocks in water falls. This movement of water charged waters electrically and/or magnetically while at the same time saturating it with oxygen. Certain locales are thus known for healing waters.

Another form of healing water that has only recently come to light due to the science of chemistry, is glacial water as potable water, as that drank by the Hunzas. Due to the freezing process, deuterium (heavy water) is extracted out of solution making the water deuterium-depleted, and thus by consumption, improving the electron transport, mitochondrial chain for ATP production.

Another more subtle form of healing waters are those located on sacred grounds or dispensed in temples and spas by Priests. And of course, there is the entire spectrum of homeopathy and herbology adding to this dynamic.

We can no longer view water as simply a passive agent in biology. It is certainly more than a mere carrier of nutrtients, blood, and ions. Its specific gravity and heat alone precludes a much more careful study as academia has basically ignored and bottomed out in its perspective. We must go back to the ancients and review this entire saga of water biology and healing.

The fact that chronic dehydration alone is cause of a host of chronic, degenerative diseases makes water alone a universal, therapeutic agent, that can benefit the poor and needy.