“Sanctified Healing” in our Church, is based on indigenous Christian principles using prayer, education, the healing power of nature (vis medicatrix naturae), hygiene, nutrition, health screenings, therapeutics, and spiritual counseling. To sanctify is to treat our body temple with respect, to make holy, to purify. All this was and is the basis of monastic medicine of Christendom, the forerunner of naturopathy. 
“Sanctified Healing Services” (SHS) is based on indigenous Christian principles using education, the healing power of nature, hygiene, nutrition, health screenings, therapeutics, and spiritual counseling. SHS has as its goal homeostasis within the body, which may be achieved by sanctifying the proper and necessary balance between the integrated components body-mind-spirit.
The Church of Hope commissions our Deacons and Ministers as Sanctified Healer. Those in professional or private practice are qualified to join.
Sanctified Healing is obtained first by our call to God, as well as through study and practice, receiving divine grace as a result of spiritual commitment. A person of this Church who has chosen holiness of life and character is thus commissioned with a Holy Order.
We view a root cause of most chronic illness often the result of lack of sanctification. Healing begins when communicants make peace with God, with ourselves and others and allow God into our hearts to work us over, what the Apostle John calls walking in the light (I John 1:7).

When our vision is extended to understand the ministry of healing as a sacrament of God's grace leading mankind to its proper place in the world, we can begin to grasp the meaning of complete human restoration in the divine image. This vision of restoration (sanctification) embraces not only humanity but also the whole of creation. It is with these themes that this Church engages, starting from what is known about man and his environment from the sciencies, and proceeding to a vision of a restored cosmos in the divine image from studies in theosophy and metaphysics.
The Sacred Medical Order, Church of Hope, licenses our SANCTIFIED HEALERS. This course is part of the licensing process.
NOTE: We do not challenge or question another fellow’s practice and devotion, for we are a private, spiritual group in faith and study seeking Gnosis. Our church is an international organization dedicated to the advancement of Light, Life, Love, and Liberty through spiritual alignment by study and discipline leading to a sanctified life. Fellowship in SMOCH is available through Christening, confirmation, and dedication. It is a Church wherein all disciples may work together. One primary mission of our Church is to provide the ancient wisdom and redeeming power of the knowledge as a means of spiritual liberation, within the living context of traditional (early) Christian customs, medicine, therapeutics, and sacrament.