Phase I: Practitioner of Natural Medicine
Science calls cells "the building blocks of life". To begin to understand disease, we first must understand "health," and the roots and foundations of this, is to understand "cell health." For a thorough understanding of cell health, entails the study of essential chemistry, anatomy and physiology, nutrition, and toxicology.

Phase II: Doctor of Natural Medicine
Equally, to understand disease, also called pathology, is to understand and study cell biology. Upon that foundation, you climb the stairway to biochemistry, embryology, pathoanatomy, pathology, and then clinical medicine. Signs and Symptoms are the footprints that lead you to diagnose 'disease,' which is then confirmed by radiology and laboratory.

For these reasons, we suggest students, no matter what station in life, practitioner or doctor, to start with Phase I (PNM) courses as a refresher and upgrade, and the Phase II, as a definitive matter for a whole new school of medicine as advocated by this University.