Traumatology For The Vitalist

Traumatology (from Greek trauma, meaning injury or wound) has two meanings, following from two definitions of trauma:
1. In medicine, it refers to the study of wounds and injuries caused by accidents or violence to a person, and the surgical therapy and repair of the damage. Branches of traumatology include medical traumatology and psychological traumatology. Medical Traumatology can be defined as the study of specializing in the treatment of wounds and injuries caused by violence or general accidents. This type of traumatology focuses on the surgical procedures and future physical therapy a patients need to repair the damage and recover properly. Psychological traumatology is a type of damage to one's mind due to a distressing event and therefore of great importance to clergy. This type of trauma can also be the result of overwhelming amounts of stress in one's life.
2. Psychological trauma usually involves some type of physical trauma that poses as a threat to one's sense of security and survival. Psychological trauma often leaves people feeling overwhelmed, anxious, and threatened. It is often the cause of deep seated phobias.

This course is mainly astute audio lectures on diverse topics including physical trauma,first aid, insect and snake bites, hand injuries, oral trauma, pets and pests, dog bites, poison oak, trauma in pregnancy, wound care, etc.
25 clock hours.