Man, Viruses & Vicissitudes

An introductory course on medical virology and public hygiene. Portrays knowledge for the various kinds of viruses which are known to produce disease in plants, animals and man; the conditions in which they live and multiply, how they invade the tissues, and how the human body should normally be able to resist infection. It explains how viruses were discovered and their impact on clinical medicine.

LESSON 1 Introductory
LESSON II The Insect -Allies of the Viruses
LESSON III The Viruses in Everyday Life
LESSON IV The Viruses in Farm and Garden
LESSON V The Viruses in the Tropics
LESSON VI Studying Viruses in the Laboratory
LESSON VII The Virus Diseases of Insects
LESSON VIII Viruses and Tumours
LESSON IX Viruses in Time of War and After
LESSON X Combating the Viruses