Christian Science is a set of beliefs and practices belonging a large metaphysical family of new religious movements. As with many topics "religious" there is a lot of confusion and mysticism associated with common perceptions. The Church of Christ (Scientist) was founded by Mary Baker Eddy is but one organization associated with "christian science."

Christian Science is today a wide set of beliefs and practices belonging to the metaphysical family of new religious movements. Several periods of Protestant Christian revival nurtured a proliferation of new religious movements in the United State, England, and other countries. 

The metaphysical groups became known as the mind-cure movement because of their strong focus on healing. 

In the United States the Christian Science church had persuaded federal and local government to create and maintain religious-exemption statutes, using the upstanding and outstanding Free Exercise Clause of the First Amendment. The Free Exercise Clause (italicized) reads: "Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof ...." Many of the exemptions say that in life-threatening situations children must have access to medical care, but without early access the seriousness of an illness may not be recognized, in part because Christian Scientists are encouraged not to educate themselves about physical ailments.

Become A "Christian Science" (of mind) Practitioner

It is vitally important that students learn to study carefully the dictionary, and learn the words verbatim, in exactly the same words as were used originally, especially those of history and legal statutes, rather than rely on conceptions of the opinions of others, which are often wrong or misinterpreted. To do otherwise, which most people do, is to lead a life of confusion and delusion.

We at PanAm, of course, encourage education in physical ailments as a duty and Christian responsibility. The astute will find that by following the law and the Word, one can abide by the religious-exemption statutes while rendering aide and service as a Christian Science of Mind practitioner. Today, virtually any psychiatrist can pinpoint some form of mental illness or personality disorder in almost anyone in the population, adult or child. Thus, there is need for wide service and counseling in mental therapeutics.

Make Your Healing visits FREELY AVAILABLE to your communicants

It is vital in the US, you come to terms. For the state you practice in, read the statutes on 'practice of medicine', and practice of psychology and counseling; and note the exemptions for clergy, ministers, religious and christian science practitioners. You can easily find these on a web search, it is public. 

The Sacred Medical Order brings you the benefits unlike no other spiritual organization of its kind. You can become Deacon and ordained for 'Sanctified Healing.' Now you can also be a certified 'Christian Science' (of Mind) practitioner.

Sanctified Healing, in our Church, is based on indigenous Christian principles using faith, prayer, and delivery of the sacraments, which is imparted by the talents and gifts of the healer. We of course use the healing power of nature, hygiene, nutrition, health screenings, therapeutics, and spiritual counseling as complements, which help anchor the holy spirit into the flesh. Sanctified healing has as its immediate goal homeostasis within the body, which may be achieved by sanctifying the proper and necessary balance between the integrated components body‐mind‐spirit. But further, the basis of effective healing, by which I mean a healing made manifest by a changed attitude to life so that the local restoration of health becomes durable and progressive, is integration. The center of integration is the spirit of the soul or true self, which informs the rational mind, cleanses and purifies the emotions, and then the body, which renews one with strength and vitality.

Ernest Holmes authored the immortal "Science of Mind" new thought classic and we have included the original 1926 edition & 137 of his other writings as supplements to this course, which includes a home study course, 8 audio files and books from other giants in the new thought movement that affected Holmes' thinking. His inspiration came from Thomas Troward and Phineas Quimby who are included in this gianatic series for students. All documents are in PDF format.

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