Common Law Basics

The Ancient Language of Man and our relations with the other beings are actually a the Web of Trusts agreed to upon by language.  Language is the method of human communication, either spoken or written, consisting of the use of words in a structured and conventional way. It is this language that separates us from all other animals as our own unique form of communication.

Today's Law is based on Biblical law, which extended into Rome, then into the Democratic World.

For the sake of communicating, most adopt the convention of saying "He" and "His", though in fact the Spirit is not bound to any sexual persona. This truly miraculous being loves all of His creation, loves each one of us, of our existence, is always the same, and yet, also ever changing in the manner of all living beings. There is no aging, only transforming, and the length of His days are beyond all counting or knowing. In a sense, we are not living our lives, we are living His lives. So intimate is our bond with our Creator, so constant, so necessary to our existence, that we can't have a thought or feeling that is not instantly shared. And at the end of our lives, when we reap the efforts of our mistakes, the only way that we can die is for God to withdraw His Spirit from us in a final act of love, transforming us once again.