Esoteric Anatomy
(Esoteric Anatomy)

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The word "esoteric" means intendedfor or understood by only a smallgroup,especiallyonewithspecializedknowledge or interests. Every student of metaphysics is familiar with the fact that man possesses several bodies or vehicles through which he is enabled to express himself on the various planes of nature – physical, astral, mental, and so forth.

Modern investigators continue the quest for a deeper understanding of Man's nature and constitution and they have noted the more recent developments in psychology and parapsychology that underlie the information revealed here. This information is scattered over a very large number of books and articles down through the centuries. So this course approaches it from a more scientific basis.

One useful concept is to view the bodies, layered in Zones:

Zone 1: Physical Body

This is the innermost, or "lowest" zone that composes your comprehensive anatomy. It is your 'normal' physical body. Most believe this is all there is to who you are, but we believe it is in reality only a small, even ephemeral part of your identity.

Zone 2: Etheric Body

A component of the human non-physical anatomy. It is an exact in all details replica of the dense physical body. It is part of a system that somehow vitalizes and controls the physical body.

This is the first non-physical zone of your anatomy, moving out from Zone I, or your physical body. It closely mirrors the structures of your physical body and is unique as it encompasses those aspects of your anatomy that allow the interface between your physical body and your BioForce flow. It serves as a bridge between the physical and non-physical. This transition is likely uniform across your body and occurs at the subatomic structures which compose the atoms of your skin.

Zone 3: Astral Body

This zone, referred to by others as the Astral Plane or Emotional level, as all of the outer zones, are directly involved in the development of the personality of the person. It is said that much of our non-traumatic illnesses arise from issues captured at this level. Much of humanities emotionally-based drive arise from influences in this zone.

Zone 4: Mental Body

Zone IV, or the Mental layer, is another important zone of transition in our comprehensive human anatomy and functioning. As Zone II is a transition layer from the physical to the non-physical, so to in Zone IV is there a transition from lower order BioForce or energy to higher order BioForce. This zone is the source of our intellectual processing in our mind. It is also a transition from what has been called intellectual mind to one that is more abstract. Finally, those aspects of our 'Soul' arise from Zone IV as a mingling of higher and lower aspects of ourselves, of which it serves as a bridge. In Zone IV we see the beginning of our utilizing higher order insights and wisdom in addition to the concrete thoughts of memory and imagination. These higher aspects our ourselves are reflected in what has been called our Spiritual Mind, the lowest aspect of our Spiritual Triad.

Zone 5: Causal Body

We transition from our lower personality-based zones to our more spiritual self in Zone V, often called the Intuitional or Buddhic Layer. It also contains what is referred to as our Spiritual Triad and strong influences of what we would call love and intuition which drives us to demonstrate compassion and leads to what has been termed the Spiritual Love aspects of ourselves.

The information found on this website is based on observations, hypotheses, and theories about human anatomy and physiology and is designed to support, not to replace, the relationship between patient and healthcare provider and the medical advice they may provide.

This course requires an enrolment key