It is instructive to know that there is no known biological life without water. Woven into the fabric of legend, far older than written history, has been the belief that somewhere our Good Mother Earth held hidden the secret elixir of this universal solvent, with power not only to heal, which it does, but to roll back oppressive years of aging, so that the grey beards with reduced mobility may enjoy the pleasures of youth which had become but memories. Folklore of all nations abounds with such references, mythologies containing specific stories, and religions make allegorical use of this primitive longing.

Some evolutionists have claimed logically that our blood has very similar elemental composition (sodium, chlorine, etc.) to seawater and this they attribute to our ancestors evolving in the oceans eons ago. ATP from mitochondrial dysfunction lies at the core of disease, senescence, and death. Hydrolysis is the medium and a regulator of the process which demands our study. Earth, nature, and mankind are one! More than two thirds of our physical body consists of water. All biologic reactions occur within that media, and this book is about the 'bull in the China shoppe': deuterium.

The oxidation of food not only creates energy but also body water, which contains no deuterium (D2O). Deuterium has a natural abundance in Earth's oceans of about one atom in 6420 of hydrogen. Thus deuterium accounts for approximately 0.02% (or, on a mass basis, 0.03%) of all the naturally occurring hydrogen in the oceans. Drinking water contains deuterium and contributes to aging just as does any free radical.

CONTENTS (Chapter Lessons - this epic book remains unpublished)

CHAPTER 1: The Bulls in the China Shoppe                                                                                              6

Water Regulates Most of the Body’s: The first mistaken assumption of medical science is that water has no direct metabolic role in the body, only solutes regulate all the functions of the body, water is only the medium… That is junk science. It’s not accurate… the energy-providing ATP is water hydrolysis. What this means that water is the source of energy for synthesis of ATP.… According to author Batmanghelidj, WATER: FOR HEALTH, FOR HEALING, FOR LIFE: “The greatest tragedy in medical history in my opinion is the assumption that dry mouth is the only sign of the body's water needs. Based on this mistaken assumption, modern medicine has made three other confounding mistakes that have cost society dearly.”

Limitations of Antioxidant Therapy: ATP DEFICIENCY from mitochondrial dysfunction can be said to be root cause of all disease and thus root source of therapeutic cure! …


CHAPTER 2: A FEW WATER FACTS AND FIGURES (Water for Thought)                                     19

Appreciable concentrations of deuterium laden water mixed in ordinary, drinking water have been found to be harmful to living organisms… Thus, deuterium (D2O) in ordinary tap and bottled water is an inherent poison we drink every day. 


CHAPTER 3: The Fountain of Youth                                                                                                              29

Doctors today are rarely taught medical history, thereby often ignore elements of common sense, overlook time honored remedies, and fail to see many health fads as ‘nothing new under the sun’.


CHAPTER 4: Taking the Waters                                                                                                                    32

Taking the Waters was a quest, and often a pilgrimage, in a physical and spiritual venture into healing, cleansing and rejuvenation since ancient times but was reborn in Europe in the 19th century. 


CHAPTER 5: The Hunzas and their Health Secrets                                                                                 36

Everything about Hunza water has been studied over the years: mineral content, molecular structure, colloidal status, zeta potential, etc. but no one has considered the deuterium content of the water—until the Soviets. Hunza water is naturally deuterium depleted—estimated to be about 133 ppm deuterium versus regular water of about 150 ppm. According to recent studies, this reduced deuterium concentration is enough to make a significant difference in numerous health and biological parameters. 


CHAPTER 6: Medical Hydrology                                                                                                                   41

To the author’s knowledge, there is only one contemporary and rare book formally published on this subject, attesting to the oversight of today’s medical science… Metabolism in the body is described by hard science as a linked series of chemical reactions that begins with a particular molecule and converts it into some other molecule or molecules in a carefully defined fashion. Water is part of the series of the reactions but is never cited as the pivotal agency.


CHAPTER 7: Bioelectricity and Cell Membranes                                                                                   47

What is that power inside your body that carries the spark of life: that bounce in your step, smile on your face, splendor in your eye? Life stops when the electricity does, and so do these instruments.


CHAPTER 8: ATP: The Pivotal Energy Source for the Cell                                                                 54

This molecule is generated by a ‘nano-motor’, aka ATP synthetase or Complex V, in the mitochondrial membrane as an excellent example of irreducible complexity, some one billion ATP molecules per cell, in order for even the simplest form of life to survive.


CHAPTER 9: Budwig’s Fats, Biophotons, and Solar Energy                                                                65

Dr. Budwig was the first clinician to prove the importance of the Cell Membrane electrical potential, and further, to link the cell’s energy economy to sunlight.


CHAPTER 10: Cellular Respiration & Mitochondrial Energy (For Mitochondriacs)                70

Mitochondriac: believers in disorders characterized by the conviction that one is ill or soon to become ill, when mitochondrial needs go unmet.


CHAPTER 11: Homeopathic Glacial Water - Sperarum glacialis aqua                                          87

The New Longevity Agent, aka Light Water (aquam levi)


CHAPTER 12: Biological Mechanisms of Ageing                                                                                    96

 Symptoms of Ageing, Overview of Ageing Theories,  Ageing of other Organ Systems


CHAPTER 13: THE CHAIN OF AGEING                                                                                                          105

Ionizing Radiation, Deuterium, Oxidative Stress, Radiation, mitochondrial free radical theory of aging (MFRTA), The "viscious cycle" theory of Ageing, Deuteronation from Tap Water


CHAPTER 14: DEHYDRATION AND AGEING                                                                                              135

Waiting to Get Thirsty Is to AGE Prematurely




CHAPTER 16: MATERIA MEDICA – ELIXIRS OF LIFE                                                                             148

Aqua marina; Borax venat; Calcium chloratum (Rademacher’s Liquor); Delbiase; Fulvic Acid; Hydrogenated Water; Lugol’s Solution; Methylene Blue; Wonder Water; Vanadyl sulfate