The history of vitalism is based on ancient medicine and the outgrowth of nature cure advocated by the fathers of hydrotherapy, Unani, Homeopathy, Magnetism, Methodism, Thomsonianism, the Kneipp System, Therapeutic Universalism, Crusaders for Fitness, Naturopathy, the Reams System, Trall's hygienic healing art, Kellog's 'clean living movement', MacFaddenism, Healthology (Preston/McWilliams), and others at the turn of the 20th century. In Europe, the age of enlightenment and vitalism had fostered two important wellness movements: nature cure and mesmerism/magnetism. Nature cure advocated health, dietetics, veganism, gymnastics, and hygiene while mesmerism/magnetism gave birth to hypnotism, the power of postive thinking, mentalism, magnetic healing, psychical research, and psychology as we know it today. In today's Vitalology, we appreciate both nature cure and the power of positive mental attitudes as vitalistic factors promoting wellness. PanAm has successfully demonstrated and recorded that a universal humoral medicine, found in all ancient schools was the father of modern medicine, and by this understanding, students are uniquely equipped to rapidly understand all schools of natural healing.