Terra Therapy (Earthing/Grounding Therapeutics)

Terra, Latin, literally means ‘earth’: Earth Therapy. An alternate name for Planet Earth, as well as the Latin name for our planet.

Man/woman mandatorily lives in an electrical biosphere, breathing within Schumann's resonator, while walking on electric and magnetic fields traversing the earth playing important parts in all biological kingdoms. Schumann's resonant tank energy is derived from lightning created by polar discharges in the cavity formed by the Earth's ground surface and the ionosphere.  There are on average approximately 1,800 thunderstorms occurring at any one time around the world, with up to 100 lightning strikes per second. On Earth, the lightning frequency is approximately 44 (± 5) times per second, or nearly 1.4 billion flashes per year and the average duration is 0.2 seconds made up from a number of much shorter flashes (strokes) of around 60 to 70 microseconds. Human's walk in that most active cavity.

The earth's biosphere has well documented effects upon biological circadian rhythms and glandular modulations. Perverse, cosmopathogenic energy effects upon human health was first recorded in the Yellow Emperor's Classic of Internal Medicine and formed the basis of acupuncture practice. The ultimate energy derived from food in mammals is the captured electron, the basis of all chemical reactions on planet earth. Only recently have these scientific observations translated into their effects on human health and adaption. The only real documented, natural cure of cancer (spontaneous remission) are victims who have survived a lightning strike! This provides more than ample food for thought and forms the basis of this most important course of study. The author believes, Nicola Tesla would have said "I told you so".

In the late 1990s an academic-called "pseudoscientific variant" called earthing or grounding started to be marketed, under the notion that the earth functions as an electrical grounding for people and that touching the earth provides an array of health benefits "based on an understanding of antioxidant activity". Such is the pabulum of armchair academia when quantum understandings are lacking. Earthing, acupuncture, and other modalities has been part of nature cure for thousands of years, just relatively undocumented because it is part of folklore and common sense.  That the earth provides a low resistance path for the flow of electrical charge (either positive or negative) can be easily measured and is axiomatic for electrical safety. The earth-ground essentially serves as an infinite reservoir for both heat and electricity, which can be either a source of electrons; or sink for electrons (a bottomless pit) depending on locale, moisture, temperature, season, air ionic content, and other parameters. 

Grounding is used as a safety precaution for electrical equipment and working with metal or other conductive materials, including water, that might come into contact with electricity (from lightning or power lines, for example). The low resistance path to the ground means that any static electrical build up or any short circuit or lightning strike can be discharged harmlessly and naturally into the earth, rather than cause damage to the equipment or operator touching such equipment.

However, therapeutically, grounding also provides the only natural pathway for biologic energy flow for those creatures who walk with their feet on the ground. This course will detail who, how and why that operates. The overall concept once again becomes the 'bull in the China Shoppe' in light electrotherapeutics and quantum medicine, and accounts for those therapeutic failures since electrotherapy was denounced in Flexner's 1910 report as 'quackery.' The academia who followed Flexner are the very loons who have been quacking ever since!

As we have learned from the global warming hoax, anytime the mainstream scientific community considers anything as pseudoscience, it warrants investigation! Earthing turns electrotherapy and acupuncture upside down on its head.