By all measures, we urge and require Sanctified Healers of the Church of Hope to engage in continuing education as a conscious responsibility of practice in our modern era. Thus we offer these post-graduate courses as Continuing Education.

Life within the Church of Hope is a monastic vigil of exploring the many facets of healing and helping others. Members have regular access to these courses as part of membership dues and passage fees. Inquire for more details.

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1.  Chronic Inflammatory Bowel Disease
2.  Acid Base and Blood Gas Analysis
3.  Clinical Approach to Esophageal Disease
4.  Viral Hepatitis --- Acute and Chronic
5.  Evaluation of Febrile Infant Less than 36 Months of Age with no Identifiable Focus
6.  New (and Improved!) Vaccines for Children: The 2001 Red Book
7.  Oral Antibiotics: A Review --- The Few, The Reliable, The Select
8.  Teen Health Care in the 21st Century
9.  "Review of Neurology" Management of Headaches
10. Evaluation and Management of Head Trauma
11. Evaluation and Management of Acute Stroke
12. Parkinson's Disease
13. Geriatric Potpourri
14. "Review of Dermatology" Common Dermatosis
15. Common Dermatosis (cont'd)
16. "Review of Obstetrics and Gynecology" Abnormal Uterine Bleeding
17. Management of the Abnormal Pap Smear and Colposcopy
18. Advanced Fetal Monitoring
19. Basic Infertility --- Workup and Techniques
20. Management of Preeclampsia ans Eclampsia
21.  Management of Preeclampsia ans Eclampsia (cont'd)
22. Prostate Cancer
23. Benign Prostatic Hyperplasia, Impotency and Male Infertility
24. "Review of Genetics" Genetics in Clinical Practice
25. "Review of Clinical Pharmacology of Analgesics" Treatment of Acute Cancer Pain: Arrest the Pain, NOT the Prescriber
27. "Review of Adult Infectious Diseases" Antibiotics
28. Common Outpatient Infectious Diseases, Community Acquired Pneumonia
29. Primary Care of HIV - Infected Patients
30. Anaphyaxis and the Acute Therapy of Asthma
31. The Normal Infant, First Year of Life --- Newborn Diagnoses
32. Eating Disorders: Evaluation and Management
33. "Review of Sports Medicine" Sports Injuries
34. Field Exam
35. "Review of Adult Cardiology" Cardiac History and Physical Examination
36. Non-Invasive Evaluation of the Cardiac Patient
37. Coronary Artery Disease
38. Valvular Heart Disease
39. Heart Failure
40. Cardiac Arrhythmias
41. Lipids and Cardiovascular Risk Management
42. "Review of Ophthalmology" Eye Trauma and Emergencies
43. "Review of Occupational Medicine" A Review of  Occupational Medicine
44. "Review of Gastroenterology" Malabsorption,  "Review of Gastroenterology" New and Emerging Infectious Diseases
45. "Review of Obesity" Management and Treatment of Obesity
46. "Review of Endocrinology" Thyroid Disease Update
47. Diabetes Update
48. Osteoporosis
49. "Review of Pulmonary" Respiratory Failure, Interstitial Lung Disease
50. COPD
51. "Review of Psychiatry (PART 1)" Recognition and Treatment of Addictions in the Family Practice Setting
52. Street Drugs, Psychiatric Emergencies
53. Alzheimer's Disease
54. Preanesthetic Evaluation
55. "Review of Family Violence" Partner Abuse
56. "Review of Dental Emergencies" Emergency Management of Oral Maxillofacial Trauma and Common Dental Problems
57. Treatment of Common Hand Lacerations and Fractures
58. "Review of Breast Cancer" Breast Cancer: Surgical Management
59. "Review of Drug Interactions" Clinically Important Drug Interactions
60. Voice Disorders/Hoarseness, Management of Neck Mass
62. A Review Of Low Back Problems
63. Review of Sleep: What's the Fuss?
64. "Review of Surgery" Management of Soft Tissue Injuries
65. Shock, Acute Abdominal Problems
66. The Evaluation and Treatment of Peripheral Vascular Disease
67. Contemporary Approaches to Pharmacologic Management
68. "Review of Arthritis" Clinical Approach to Polyarticular Complaints
69. Rational Use of Non-Steroidal Anti-Inflammatory Agents, Overview of Rheumatic Syndromes
70. Therapeutic Approaches in Rheumatoid Arthritis
71. "Review of Pediatric Cardiology" Cardiac Arrhythmias in Children
72. Acquired Heart Disease in Children
73. Infants with Congenital Heart Disease
74. "Review of Obstetrics and Gynecology Estrogen Therapy
75. "Review of Alternative Medicine" Alternative Medicine, "Review of Oncology" Lymphomas --- Principles of Diagnosis and Management  
76. Pulmonary Emboli: Diagnosis and Treatment