Radionics (also called electromagnetic therapy (EMT)) is a form of therapy. Science has long shown that there is specific evidence that cells are electrical in nature. In 1936, two physicists at the Biological Laboratory, Cold Spring Harbor, Long Island, New York, reported that red blood cells in the bodies of people and animals carry enough electricity to light up a lamp. They reported their findings at the American Physical Society in Rochester, New York, stating that the red blood cells carry a surface charge of 15,000,000 electrons. They stated that, ‘if the charges from blood of a full-grown person could be collected and made to pass through a 25-watt electric bulb, it would burn for at least 5 minutes.’

Earliest, the famous surgeon and founder of the Cleveland Clinic, Dr. George Washington Crile (1864-1943), developed his concept of the Bipolar Theory of the living process, his “Radio-Electric Theory” is based on this assumption. Subjecting organisms to injury, emotion, infection, stimulants, narcotics, insomnia, adrenalin and other factors he measured what took place in the cells of the thyroid, adrenal glands and liver from an electric standpoint. His experiments showed that the drive-wheel for all electrical activity operating at a healthy state throughout the body was the brain, thyroid and the adrenal-sympathetic system.  Crile believed that these areas processed Solar or Radiant Energy, taking the energy from the sun and cosmos and bringing it into a shortwave field.

In another research center in 1936, Prof. Harold Saxton Burr and Dr. R.G. Meader, both from Yale University School of Medicine, stated that wherever there is life, electrical phenomena would also be found.

Burr and Meader discovered that during the instant of ovulation in a cat or rabbit; during various times of a women’s menstrual cycle; during the appearance of cancer and throughout the healing process; minute variations of electric voltages in the body could be found and measured. The voltage changes were not chaotic currents but currents organized into very definite patterns, associated from species to species and characteristic to some specific action. They stated that the electrical changes were as precise as 'fingerprints.'
The Yale physicists went on to say that it is possible to map out the electrical currents of the entire body of a person, in the same manner as a geophysicist maps the surface of the ground for hidden ore.

Their continued studies in the late 1930s and early 1940s showed that 'taking readings from any two points of the body reflect not only what is going on in the immediate vicinity of those points, but also the TOTAL health activity of any person or animal.'

During their research in the 1930s, the goal of Burr and Meader was to prove that there is a dynamic field of electrical activity, both within and surrounding all physical objects, and that these fields would provide the answers to how 'an animal grows from a single egg into a multiple-celled adult in the midst of the rapidly changing chemistry of development.'

All changes of chemistry that are involved in the human body involved the exchange of electrons, therefore it is the electrical fields - electrons and protons - that have the controlling influence on the human body. The medical approach, for many of our debilitating health problems, should be through the use of electrical therapy, magnetism, and electromagnetics. A perusal of the work of several researchers from the 1930s through 1950s will show that these physicists had mapped out voltage changes in the body, from normal to abnormal, before and during the onset of different diseases and illnesses. Other researchers showed that through the use of electromagnetic frequencies, they could reverse health problems from dis-eased to a more normal condition.

The infamous Flexner Report denounced electrotherapy as "quackery" in 1910, for very good reason: electricity is a drug. Electricity can be administered transcutaneously  by focusing  a beam or stream of electromagnetic energy towards and into the body, by the insertion of an acupuncture needle, by placing transdermal conductive pads onto the skin, by radiant energy, or by immersing part of a limb into a water bath (electrophoresis). By definition, electricity is a drug:

  1.     There is a dose (quantity), quality, energy, action, and assimilation for this drug.
  2.     Pad or needle size determines the amount and type energy.
  3.     Electrode location and polarity determines the direction of  current vector.
  4.     Dose is selected by the device, amperage, voltage, frequency selected by the therapists.

The solutions for many of our health problems are not, 'just around the next corner;' we may have already passed the most effective solutions, without realizing them. We are journeying within electromagnetic vehicles during our life, and with the proper attunement, our bodies can be strong, healthy and beautiful.


We posit, for all subjects medical, there are exoteric aspects, as well as esoteric aspects.
Esoteric healing traditions today are extant and widespread, called by many names, yet all having historical roots and are a sacred part of humanity. This school was formed to preserve these beliefs and modalities; recognizing them as religious practices whether practitioners of these arts wish to recognize it or not. Failure to recognize or understand their links and commonalities has caused a considerable weakening of their therapeutic potential. Hence their secularization and popularization has deteriorated their vitality.

Serious studies into the more esoteric approaches to healthcare provide considerable importance for anyone professing some form of skill or aptitude in most all of the so-called alternative and complementary medical vocations (secular or religious).

A variant and earlier school, also called "radionics"  claimed that disease can be diagnosed and treated by applying electromagnetic radiation (EMR), such as radio waves, to the body from an electrically powered device. This concept behind radionics originated in the early 1900s with Albert Abrams (1864–1924), who became a millionaire by leasing radionic machines which he designed himself.  Radionics contradicts some of the principles of physics and biology and, as such, is widely considered "pseudoscientific." The United States Food and Drug Administration does not recognize any legitimate medical uses for radionic devices and in the past has radically and even violently suppressed advocates and practitioners.


“Radiesthesia” is a word, which was coined in 1920 by the French abbot Bouly and it comes from the Latin word “Radius” (ray) and from the Greek word “Aisthesis” (sensation). The diagnostician is really a "diviner", the person, who is able to sense, through a 'stick plate', pendulum, biotensor or dowsing rod, the vibrations of impulses and the radiations issued by things, people, animals, grounds, and so on....

In ancient times called Dowsing, it was used for the search of springs of water or to find metals such as gold. Then man realized that the radiations are issued, not only by water and metals, but also by each form of life. Sensitives realized that this “resonance” between an inorganic substance and the mind of man could be extended to any field. Here the reason for choosing the specific word “Radiesthesia” as opposed to "radionics" as a definition to indicate the study of the waves and vibrations issued by any object or element within the range of human sensitivity.

So Radiesthesia is the esoteric study for the search of waves and vibrations issued by any element.

The main “radiesthesic” working tools, that the “diviner” uses for all kinds of searches, are pendulums made of rock crystal, wood or metal, biotensor, and dowsing rods which are used as help to detect the vibrations and radiations issued by any element and people. Abram's took this to the next level by make a device composed of rheostat, electrical components. In the 1900s, Albert Abrams (1864–1924) claimed to detect "energy frequencies" in people's bodies. The idea was that a healthy person will have certain energy frequencies moving through their body that define health, while an unhealthy person will exhibit other, different energy frequencies that define disorders. He said he could cure people by "balancing" their discordant frequencies through "radionic" frequencies, and claimed that his devices were so sensitive enough that he could tell someone's religion by looking at a drop of blood.

In one form of radionics popularized by Abrams, some blood on a bit of filter paper is attached to a device Abrams called a dynamizer, which is attached by wires to a string of other devices and then to the forehead of a healthy volunteer, facing west in a dim light. By tapping on his abdomen and searching for areas of "dullness", disease in the donor of the blood is diagnosed by proxy. Handwriting analysis is also used to diagnose disease under this scheme. Having done this, the practitioner may use a special device known he invented called an oscilloclast or any of a range of other devices to broadcast vibrations at the patient in order to attempt to heal them.

We will see that Radiesthesia has got a multiplicity of uses and actually has a long history on planet earth. There is a bridge between the flow of electrical current and a flow of 'vital energy' on a more subtle plane called 'aether.' The two parallel each other because electricity is the condensation and flow of aether. Electricity's quantity is measured as 'voltage,' its power measured as 'amperes,' and its quality measured as 'frequency.'

Radionics Today

Contemporary proponents of radionics or EMT claim that where there is an imbalance of electromagnetic fields or frequencies, within the body, that it causes diseases or other illnesses by disrupting the body's chemical makeup. Science has led us to this point of understanding, however the means of achieving this is what is in question. These practitioners believe that applications of electromagnetic energy from outside the body can correct these imbalances. Like magnet therapy, electromagnetic therapy has been proposed by practitioners for a variety of purposes. What we know now is that "frequency" is the holy grail.

Electrotherapy has long proven its value. Raw, pure electron energy delivered by a device or even the human hands adds voltage to the human body for which it is ever generating and using as source energy. However, when this energy is pulsated, frequencies are produced which have further modifying influences on the human frame. What this course, and a complementary course TERRA THERAPY, will teach the student, are the basic spectrums of EM energy and its application to biology and medicine.