If you are a health care provider or professional whose work involves microwave or wireless communications technology, this Course gives you a technical edge in your career by providing you with a thorough understanding of key concepts, components, devices, materials, and applications, without bogging you down with mathematics and theory. Helping you foresee emerging market trends, this Course includes coverage of the latest technologies, including WLANs, RFIDs, RFICs, MEMS, GPS, Bluetooth and bipolar heterojunction devices and more.

This valuable Course enables you to better understand technical advances and devise technology that is rapidly transforming today's world. Explained in down-to-earth language, and a comprehensive glossary, this Course offers you the ability to communicate with technical savvy that the wireless and microwave industries demand of all professionals.Health and safety issues are also addressed.

25 clock hours

Block Radio Waves

An electromagnetically charged challenge to protect your Health

Have you ever wondered how a radio, cell phone or computer can receive voices, images, music and news broadcasts over thin air? Radios, as well as radio-controlled cars and cell phones, all receive information via invisible waves. These waves are called wireless radio waves.

Radio waves are a type of electromagnetic radiation, a kind of energy that also includes visible light, but of slower frequencies. Radio waves are not harmful in the lower frequencies as they are natural to the environment, but microwaves are in fact extremely unnatural and while useful for communicating across long distances they are noxious to biological creatures, plants, insects, and even honey bees. To send information using radio waves, a transmitting antenna sends out a radio wave at a certain frequency (which can tell us the size of the wave), and this is picked up by a receiving antenna. Some materials can block, or interfere with, radio waves. Have you ever noticed that you lose reception on a car radio or cell phone when you drive into a tunnel or an underground parking garage? What materials block the radio waves, and which ones allow the waves to easily pass through?

Background, pardon the pun

Background radiation is a measure of the level of both non-ionizing and ionizing radiation present in the environment at a particular location. Background radiation originates from a variety of sources, both natural and artificial.
A transmitting antenna, or transmitter, generates and sends out radio waves due to a specific electrical current. This is possible because inside transmitters are wires that allow negatively charged particles, called electrons, to flow through them, which makes an electrical current. When current flows within a wire, it generates a coupling electromagnetic field around the wire. This electromagnetic field radiates out of the antenna in all directions, creating invisible radio waves when the current is strong enough.

When the electromagnetic radio waves hit a receiving antenna, or receiver, such as a radio or human body, it generates a current inside of a wire in the receiver on in the cells of a creature.  The receiver then processes the current back into the transmitted information, which, for a radio, allows you to hear music or other broadcasts. A biologic body also receives information and must convert it to something including heat, which can either be beneficial or harmful. Some materials can block the radio waves that the transmitter generates, which can be tested by seeing whether a receiver can process and respond to information sent by a transmitter or block it and send it to ground like a lightning strike, thus rendering it harmless.

Today, due to wireless communication, humans are receiving unnatural, wireless background radiation all day and night long. Learning how to protect oneself from this toxic energy will become no different than how we learned to drink filtered water for health at the turn of the century. So it is best to learn it now before more damage is done because at some point, the toxic effects become irreversible. The end points are chronic diseases.