Natural Medicine Dolorology
The study and treatment of pain. [L. dolor, pain, + G. logos, study]Pain is one of the most basic symptoms that takes a patient to a practitioner for relief. Yet, most massage therapists and acupuncturists know little about neurology and the pain mechanisms. The pathophysiology and the complexities of pain are covered in the online lessons.

Lesson 0: Coming to Terms Resource
Lesson 1: Introduction to Pain Resource
Lesson 2: Pathophysiology of Pain Resource
Lesson 3: Leukotrienes and Pain Resource
Lesson 4: Pain Management Practices Resource
Lesson 5: TENS Fundamentals, Microcurrent Therapy Resource
Lesson 6: Pain, Complexities of Diagnosis Resource
Lesson 7: The Individuality, Dispostion, and Temperament of the Person in Pain

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