A sequence of numbers known as “Rates” is commonly used with radionics instruments which are by nature, electronic. A Rate as either electrical resistance (Abrams) or capacitance (Hieronymus) represents a pattern that may resonant a specific condition, situation, manifestation, object , emotion, or even environment. As it is understood, a Rate resonates through all levels of being, from the mind (mental matter), astral matter (emotion), down to aether (or akasha) through the different planes of existence to the gross material plane. A radionic rates dial is used for tuning the instrument. 

A number is a symbol or representation of – for example – a level, potential, dimension or frequency. A number (the Rate) may therefore form a mental structure that is intended to resonate with what we wish to access in the information field, through the astral plane, and then down to aether, which then resonates with the instrument and couples with the practitioner's fingers and nervous system.

Radionic instrument with Rate Dials