Chromotherapeutics [Chromotherapeutician™]

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Chromotherapy, also called color therapy, is a unique medicine. A therapist trained in chromotherapy can use color and light to balance "energy" wherever a person's body be lacking, be it physical, emotional, spiritual, or mental. Light can be administered through the skin, eyes, and internally by water irradiated with color energy.

Throughout history there has been no better and more common symbol of happiness and well being than the sun. The ancient Egyptians, the Aztecs, Romans, the Incas, and Greeks all worshiped the sun and thought of it as the source of life and health. Regardless of the historical time that comes to mind, you will find people cheered and uplifted by the life-giving rays of the sun.

Whether it was in the form of the god Helios or establishing Sun-day as the first day of the week, sunlight always has played an important role in people’s lives. The great Greek physician Hippocrates wrote extensively about the sun’s healing powers. Herodotus, the father of Heliotherapy, made frequent statements about the healing properties of the sun in his medical practice. In our own time, we see a reflection of these ancient sentiments in songs, poems and movies. And who of us could deny the feeling we have when the sun breaks through the darkened clouds: our mood lifts; our eyes turn upward; our energy and zest for life returns.

However, we must distinguish Heliotherapy - treatment of disease by means of sunlight; and Chromotherapy - treatment of disease by colored lights, as the two are specifically different.

We offer in this course two most unique, exoteric and practical applications of chromotherapy -

1. Solarized, colored water (home/personal use);
2. Chromomassage (professional application).

These two subjects (ways and means) are contained within our short Lesson Course.

Graduation is conferred by submitting a short thesis. We offer supplemental texts for your edification. These are genuinely rare books (provided online).

1. Bhattacharya's Classic Text: The Science of Cosmic Ray Therapy.

2. Visible ray therapy of the eyes, by R. Brooks Simpkins.



"Study the Light; attempt the high; seek out
The Soul's bright path."—Bailey.

There can be no doubt of the value of this classic text in the study of Chromotherapy, including among other things: Harmonic Laws of the Universe: Light, Nature. His discovery of the form and constitution of atoms, and their working in connection with etherial forces to produce the effects of heat, cold, electricity, magnetism, chemical action, light, color, and many other effects, was announced during our centennial year, 1876, in some New York and Chicago papers, and his ideas have been brought to still further maturity since. Having acquired this knowledge, it is quite possible for the student to at last crystallize the subjects of Light, Color, and other Fine Forces into a science, and learn their chemical and therapeutical potencies as well as many of their mystic
relations to physical and psychological action.

It is quite time that the wonderful world of light and color which is invisible to the ordinary eye, and which is capable of being demonstrated by spectrum analysis and otherwise, should be made known, especially as so many mysteries of nature and human life are cleared up thereby, and such marvelous powers of vital and mental control are revealed.

His book: Principles of Light and Color, form the basis of this course.

Just a few more words of the sacred nature of this course...

The photon is massless, has no electric charge, and does not decay spontaneously in empty space. Reduced to the fundamental, photons are the very source of life. Plants capture photons to produce food for all animal life on planet earth. Photons are the intermediary from the seen and unseen worlds. Now the calculation of how many photons per second an average 60 watt light bulb puts out is an easy one, and it's been done. Millions of trillions of photons per second as a rough estimate.

An angle of light, coming from above to the earth, is a Photon which science calls a messenger particle. An Angel of Light, coming down from above, is considered spiritually as a messenger of God.

Albert Einstein "discovered" that when light (photons) came near a celestial body such as a planet it would actually bend and enter on an angle. Photons within the body are known as Gauge Bosons and they deliver messages cell to cell. So Photons are angles of light which are messenger particles. In religion we understood them as Angels of light which were messengers of God.

The definition of spirit: The vital principle or animating force within living beings.

In science, spirit would be called electromagnetism, because that is the only thing that exists inside of us that animates us. It is electricity. It is light. So if the only way one can communicate with the supreme light is via spirit, and spirit is inner light that is activated via the Pineal Gland, then we have suddenly opened the secret that the worlds religions have totally missed: Communication with God is only possible via the pineal gland of the brain and is dependent on our activating that gland, for the particular purpose. When light travels through human membrane tissue, it changes our logic circuits. Light (Inner and Outter Suns) from above arrives as Photon (angles/angels of light/messenger particles), enters via the Pineal gland to the brain traveling along membranes. This opens gates or provides us with enlightenment and a new consciousness.

The human brain is thus an electrical circuit:

Current flows from the brain and to the brain within the human body. Like any electrical circuit too much current can cause an overload, short circuit, etc. What is needed are resistors. Just like this computer, without resistors it cannot function. The ancients entered into meditation and brought current up from the base of the spine to the brain. It is called Kundalini. The energy would flow through chakras which are actually nerves or resistors in the spine. As the energy passed through the RESISTORS, the meditator would chant OM. Thus, the universal measurement of electrical RESISTANCE is OHM.

The point is the connection between the human body and mind, the photon, with the activities in the universe, coupled with connecting scriptural science with modern science, and the photon.

Matt 6:22 or Luke 11:34, "The light of the body is the eye therefore when your eye is single your whole body also is full of light."

1 John 1:5, "This then is the message which we have heard of him, and declare unto you that God is Light."

So, the Bible says if your eye be single your body will fill with light. What Eye? The Third-Eye. What is it that the Third-Eye releases that produces Light? Melatonin. Notice: Your body, your being, you, will fill with light. What is light? Light is God.


Since its inception, photography (photon graphy) has become one of humanity’s most persuasive artistic devices. Our history and culture is shaped and defined by photographs capturing moments that are then shared with the world.

“The Brown Lady of Raynham Hall”

Taken in 1936 in Norfolk, England’s Raynham Hall, this image may be the most famous photo out there. Many people feel this is the late Lady Dorothy Townshend, a woman whose husband accused her of infidelity. Legend has it she was locked in the basement until her death where she was buried nearby in 1726. The story goes that the photographer wanted to take a photo of a clock hanging on the wall when he heard the sound of a female voice, he turned and saw this figure moving down the staircase. Skeptics feel that this is a simple case of corrupted film, a blotch on the negative in the convenient shape of a female.

“The Little Girl in the Blaze”

In 1995, Wem Town Hall in Shropshire, England erupted into flame. As firefighters tried to put the inferno out, local resident Tony O’Rahilly snapped photos and produced this shape of a little girl peering out of the blaze. In 1677, as local legend goes, a fire destroyed a residence in the same approximate area, killing a 14-year old girl.

An amazing fact occurs known to those called physicists, quantum physicists to be specific. The amazing fact is that natures invisible energy such as photons, electrons, and atoms move through space in waves. The way you would visualize a wave in the ocean. They move that way until someone looks at them. When someone watches, the waves collapse. Then the change from wave to particle takes place, from a wave to a dot. Only when the electron or photon is observed, does this occur. If no one is watching, the wave exists. You look and the particle exists. John Wheeler, a physicist, states that it is only the presence of conscious observers that have collapsed the wave function and made the universe exist. Without the observer there can be nothing.

The collapse of the wave function happens to atoms, electrons, and photons. We are atoms, electrons, and photons. Inside of us the wave function of atoms, electrons, and photons collapse when you watch, when you observe, when you meditate. Science says that the electron waves on earth collapse because the entire universe is looking.

At the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, they found that Atoms can be at two places at the same time. The experiment dispatched a photon, or electron, or atom, to a screen. However, between the screen and the origin is another screen blocking the way, except for two holes. The single atom amazingly went through both holes at once as the wave, and then touches a spot on the screen that it selects when someone observes it. They couldn't predict where on the screen the atom or electron or photon would strike. It went where it wanted to go.

Consider that a message in the form of photon or electron is moving through the universe destined for you. It knows where it has to go as do the electrons or photons in the lab. But you are not watching. Thus, the message moves through the universe as a wave waiting for you to watch, at which time it can collapse to a particle, and enter through the light receptor of your brain, which is the pineal gland, and then touch the screen within you right where it is supposed to go.

Photons which are messenger light waves traveling through the universe, can contact protons. When this occurs smaller energies inside of each called quarks cause a new particle to be formed. In other words, light can change into matter and back into light again. The messenger particle which is light can become a person (angel?) and then change back into light. This is not something for your to believe. This is reality. Light can change into matter and back into light again.

Photons are Angles of Light that impact the earth from above. Science calls them messenger particles. Religion says Angels of Light are messengers. Do you see? If you are watching, if you are meditating, the angel of light enters within you and brings you your message from the cosmos.


This course requires an enrolment key