Magnetotherapeutics [Magnetotherapeutician™]

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Magnet therapy is the application of the magnetic field of electromagnetic devices or permanent static magnets to the body for health benefits. These benefits may be specific, as in the case of wound healing, or more general, as for increased energy and vitality. In the latter case, malaise is sometimes described as "Magnetic Field Deficiency Syndrome".

Different effects are based on the orientation of the magnet, north or south poles. Products include magnetic bracelets and jewelry; magnetic straps for wrists, ankles, knees, and the back; shoe insoles; mattresses; magnetic blankets (blankets with magnets woven into the material); magnetic creams; magnetic supplements; and water that has been "magnetized". Application is usually performed by the patient upon instructions by the practitioner.

Magnetotherapy can be very effective in alleviating pain, tumors and stiffness. When the body comes into contact with magnets, the magnetic waves pass through the tissues. This induces secondary currents to produce changes in heat and blood flow, and thus it reduces pain.

Magnets have the power to promote the growth of cells and they increase the number of healthy red blood corpuscles. The red blood corpuscles contain hemoglobin and the hemoglobin contains iron. The magnets influence the iron in the blood through which it reaches every part of the body. Thus, it removes calcium, cholesterol and other minerals that get deposited.

Magnets have the potential to clean, purify and ionize the blood. The flow of ionized blood takes place easily and there is no clotting. Activities of the heart and the blood pressure are at ease. Secretion of hormones gets regulated and it also improves the skin luster.

Magnetotherapy does not require medicines and injections. Magnets alone are enough. Magnets of different shapes, sizes and strengths are used to regulate and strengthen the natural system and preserve the balance of magnetic field in the body.

In magnetotherapy,two types of artificial magnets are used. These include the following:

Electro-magnets: These magnets work only when connected to electricity.

Permanent magnets: These magnets get charged with electric current and they remain magnetized permanently.
Most treatments are performed by disc shaped magnets of medium or high potency (1500-3000 gauss power). Disc shaped magnets are generally available in pairs - North Pole and South Pole. These two poles have different therapeutic properties. North Pole magnet proves to be beneficial in diseases caused by bacterial infection. On the other hand, South Pole magnets are effective in the treatment of all kinds of pains, swellings and weakness.

Magnetotherapy has proved effective in the cure of digestive and nervous disorders. It relieves aches and pains in migraines, arthritis…etc. Every single session in magnetotherapy lasts for 20-30 minutes. This therapy has no side effects but nevertheless there are some guidelines to be considered.


Magnetism is a word for the derivation of which we have to look to an incredibly early epoch. The stone called magnet is believed by many to owe its name to Magnesia, a city or district in Thessaly, where these stones were found in quantity. We believe, however, the opinion of the Hermetists to be the correct one. The word Magh, magus, is derived from the Sanskrit Mahaji, the great or wise (the anointed by the divine wisdom).

As the Magi derived their name from it, so the Magnesian stone or Magnet was called in their honor, for they were the first to discover its wonderful properties. Their temples dotted the country in all directions, and among these were some temples of Hercules, **--hence the stone, when it once became known that the priests used it for their curative and magical purposes, received the name of the Magnesian or Heraclean stone. Socrates, speaking of it, remarks: "Euripides calls it the Magnesian stone, but the common people, the Heraclean." *** It was the country and stone which were called after the Magi, not the Magi after one or the other.

Reichenbach, in his "Researches on Magnetism," gives instances of over fifty sensitives who were able to see light proceeding from magnets, etc., in total darkness, aka the od of Reichenbach. Modern science, after having ineffectually denied animal magnetism, has found herself forced to accept it as a fact. It is now a recognized property of human and animal organization; as to its psychological, occult influence, the Academies battle with it, in our century, more ferociously than ever. It is the more to be regretted and even wondered at, as the representatives of "exact science" are unable to either explain or even offer us anything like a reasonable hypothesis for the undeniable mysterious potency contained in a simple magnet. We begin to have daily proofs that these potencies underlie the theurgic mysteries, and therefore might perhaps explain the occult faculties possessed by ancient and modern thaumaturgists as well as a good many of their most astounding achievements.

This is the modern magnetism and mesmerism of Du Potet and other masters, who, when they have subjected a person to their fluidic influence, can impart to them all their thoughts even at a distance, and with an irresistible power force their subject to obey their mental orders. But how far better was this psychic force known to the ancient philosophers! We can glean some information on that subject from the earliest sources. Pythagoras taught his disciples that God is the universal mind diffused through all things, and that this mind by the sole virtue of its universal sameness could be communicated from one object to another and be made to create all things by the sole will-power of man. With the ancient Greeks, Kurios was the god-Mind (Nous). "Now Koros (Kurios) signifies the pure and unmixed nature of intellect--wisdom," says Plato. Kurios is Mercury, the Divine Wisdom, and "Mercury is the Sol" (Sun), from whom Thaut--Hermes--received this divine wisdom, which, in his turn, he imparted to the world in his books. Hercules is also the Sun--the celestial storehouse of the universal magnetism; or rather Hercules is the magnetic light which, when having made its way through the "opened eye of heaven," enters into the regions of our planet and thus becomes the Creator.

The modern Ether; not such as is recognized by our scientists, but such as it was known to the ancient philosophers, long before the time of Moses; Ether, with all its mysterious and occult properties, containing in itself the germs of universal creation; Ether, the celestial virgin, the spiritual mother of every existing form and being, from whose bosom as soon as "incubated" by the Divine Spirit, are called into existence Matter and Life, Force and Action. Electricity, magnetism, heat, light, and chemical action are so little understood even now that fresh facts are constantly widening the range of our knowledge. Who knows where ends the power of this protean giant--Ether; or whence its mysterious origin?--Who, we mean, that denies the spirit that works in it and evolves out of it all visible forms?

Hahnemann found that magnets had the ability to destroy homeopathic remedies. Malcolm Rae one hundred years later found they could be used to create remedies. In the kahuna practices of healing, the knowledge of the vital forces and of the mild forms of hypnotic suggestion went hand in hand. In the West we made a good beginning, in the discovery of mesmerism, toward recovering the ancient Huna practice of giving the patient vital force through the touch of the hands while administering the suggestion of healing. Mesmer, who demonstrated the power of suggestion over a century ago, believed that he was healing by transferring to the patient some of his own "animal magnetism," and that this force did the healing. He touched his patients after making a mental effort to fill himself with this force by holding magnets.

In this course we will explore all the various uses of magnets, both topical and by use of the waters.

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